Houdini教程-三维建筑崩塌烟雾模拟特效制作 Houdini VOLUMES IV – INTERACTION


Houdini教程-三维建筑崩塌烟雾模拟特效制作 Houdini VOLUMES IV – INTERACTION

我们将在其中进行戏剧性的烟雾模拟,模拟烟雾从坍塌的建筑物中滚滚而来!我们将从创建一个复杂的粒子模拟开始,该模拟源自破坏缓存并与之交互。从这些粒子中,我们将动态生成体积,并对标准的Pyro碰撞和求解器工作流程进行更改,以使我们的烟雾模拟比通常无法实现的进一步发展。当我们遍1 A L ] *历粒子和烟雾模拟时,我们将始终专注于艺术指导以及各种技术策略-包括如何大规模Y M , ; B ] k压缩要写入磁盘的缓存。和往常一样,我们甚至还可以通过照明,着色和渲染工作来完成工作。尽管本课程已经包含了您需要的所有刚体缓存文件,但它也可以作为“应用HE i J 1 n 8 &oudini刚性II-结构破坏”课程的延续而很好地工作!

We’ll begin by cL f H ,rz 6 ) 2 p Neating a sophisticated particle sim that is sourced from and interacts with a destruction cache. From these particles, we’ll dynamically generate vp P X i :olumes and make changes to the standard Pyro collision and solver workflow in order to push our smoke simulation further than what we’d normally be able to do otherwise. As we iterate over our particle and smoke sims, we’ll always be focusing on art direction as well as various technical strategies – in$ 4 8 # Jcluding how to massively com6 5 ] M ] $ s 9 ;press the caches we’re writing t/ / lo disk. And as usual, we’ll ev~ a @ &en finish up by lighting, shading and renderiG 3 ? _ 3 o 5 ~ng our work too. Though this lesson alre7 z {ady comes with all the rigid body cacn W ? I V c } P qhe files you’ll need, it also works7 7 * gream l [ g 7 6 )t as a contiY { Q S Rnuation of the Applied Houdini^ d h x / U [ f Rigids II – Structure Destruction lesson! So, improve your old work or learn something new with Applied Houdini today!


Houdini教程-三维建筑崩塌烟雾模拟特效制作 Ho_ b W {udini4 ; 7 , t 6 ] Z N VOLUMES IV – INTERACTION

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